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Mission Statement 

 The PVPV/Rawlings Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization’s mission is to provide financial support and volunteer resources to our teachers and school, organize events to foster an enriching and successful learning experience for PVPV/Rawlings students and communicate PTO and school news to our members.

        The PTO achieves our mission through recruiting and organizing over 300 volunteers and fundraising over $200,000 through our Community Partner relationships, membership drive, the Turtle Trot fun run, three Book Fair events, the Spring Carnival, and other important fundraising efforts.

Thank you to our Community Partners in Education!

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Contact PTO President Leslie Bohsali

Email: lesliebohsali@gmail.com

This website is being updated and maintained by the PVPV Rawlings PTO.  It is not the official website of PVPV Rawlings Elementary School.  

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Support PTO

PVPV Rawlings PTO is here to support our school.  Join us to find opportunities to volunteer and make an impact at our school.

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