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Do you have a special child in your life? What if it were possible to give them a unique gift that will enable you to share in the special moments throughout his or her life?

Toys can break, clothing they will outgrow, and money will be spent. The gift of a whole life policy from New York Life will grow in value as your grandchild grows. This is a gift that will never get old.

What if you could give them a gift that:

Will grow as they grow?
Is something they cannot do for themselves right now?

Provides them with a head start on financial security for their future?

A LASTING REMINDER of your love is the gift of permanent life insurance. 

Timing is everything.

The timing of your gift affects the cost and cash value of your policy. Purchasing a policy when a child is young makes it easier to qualify for coverage, is more affordable, and gives the cash value in the policy more time to grow. This establishes a financial foundation while creating a resource that can be tapped to help pay for college, a wedding, a first home, and other future needs.

Looking to gift a specific amount of money?

New York Life’s Premium Deposit Account, available at issue on Custom Whole Life policies, offers you the option to pre-pay up to nine policy premiums with a lump sum deposit.

For more information:

William Grub, Managing Partner
(904) 997-3030

Thank you to our Community Partners in Education!

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