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Letter from the PTO President

Welcome back, families! I know 2018 is going to be a great year at PVPV Rawlings!  I am excited to update you on many of the successes the PTO has had this fall at our school.  Our major events this fall included:  Meet The Teacher presented by Lazzara Orthodontics, PTO Membership Drive, Turtle Trot presented by Coastal Luxury Outdoors, Fall Book Fair presented by Fishman Pediatric Dentistry, and Blessings In A Backpack Thanksgiving Fundraiser.  We raised over $150,000 for our school just this fall through these events!  This is only possible because of all of YOU, and we thank you!  Of course we also couldn't achieve any of this without the unwavering dedication and support of our Community Partners: Lazzara Orthodontics, Fishman Pediatric Dentistry, Coastal Luxury Outdoors, The Players', Natural Life, Jake Bestic Real Estate Team, New York Life, Chick-fil-A, The Goddard School, Bach To Rock, The Ponte Vedra Public Education Foundation and The Ponte Vedra Cultural Center. 

Please find below a summary of where the PTO has allocated the above-mentioned funds.  Approximately half of these items are already purchased and in use at the school.  We have had some red tape issues at the school district level on some of our larger purchases, but we hope to get these resolved and in motion in January.

1. Turtle Trot Money:  We purchased new computers and elmo's for the PVPV classrooms and media centers (approx. $22,000);  we purchased new printers for the Rawlings building (each teacher shares with suitemate) (approx. $3500).  We purchased a set of sports equipment for each 2-3 classes to share so teachers can better fulfill the new required recess that was instituted this school year  (approx. $1400).  We spent $7,000 to have chiller water fountains installed in 3 locations on the campus.  We have designated $10,000 for two additional shade structures - one for the PVPV playground and one of the Rawlings back playground.  We have designated $7,000 to improve the Rawlings front playground; we have designated $10,000 to update the Rawings stage and purchase new audio/visual equipment; we gave monetary grants of $2,000 to each Grade Level.  Team leaders met with their teachers and voted on how to spend this money.  Each Music Teacher & Art Teacher received a $1500 grant.  Each Librarian and PE Teacher received a $500 grant (lesser amount due to money previously designated to them over the summer).  We purchased some school wide curriculum for $2,000.  We purchased an ADA adaptable swing for our ESE students on the PVPV playground (approx. $800); we have a $300 grant to the Pre-K class; and we allocated $2,000 to our Angel Fund reserve to help our families in need.

2. Book Fair proceeds are given in "Scholastic Dollars" and this reserve is used to purchase Sunshine State books for each media center and for each classroom in grades 2-5 over the summer, and also we give each librarian a few thousand dollars at the end of the school year to purchase books for the following year.  We are waiting for our final numbers from the Fall Book Fair (approx. $15,000 in scholastic dollars earned) and plan to distribute a few thousand scholastic dollars to our media centers in January;

3.  4th Grade & 5th Grade - we were able to fulfill curriculum requests for these grades from money raised in early September;

4. Kindergarten - Thank you to Lazzara Orthodontics, who welcomed each new kinder student with a "Ponte Vedra Class of 2030" t-shirt on the 1st Day of School.

5. Rawlings -  The planners each of the Rawlings students pick up on the first day of school is funded by the PTO.

6. Blessings In A Backpack Fundraiser - our Thanksgiving fundraiser not only purchased a $30 Thanksgiving meal for each of our 52 Blessings children, we collected enough donations to fund this program for the entire year!

7. Teacher Support - PTO throws a back to school luncheon, gives a back to school stipend for each teacher to spend on their classroom as well as a holiday distribution for the teacher to purchase items for their classroom for the new semester.

Phew!  As you can see, we have been very busy and very successful!  We are so grateful to each of our PVPV Rawlings families who support the PTO and our goals through volunteering and monetary donations.  If you have any questions, please email me at klzarczynski@gmail.com.  Please don't forget about our next General Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 18th.  We are always excited to see new faces!

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Successful 2018!

Kate Zarczynski

PTO President


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